Safeguarding the Labourers from Covid 19 shocks

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Niranjan Hiranandani

The Unprecedented crisis like Covid 19 pandemic has not only shaken the India economy but also disrupted the way of living and way of thinking under the current circumstances. The pandemic life has led to a ‘new normal’ routine which encompasses safety, security and sanity as the new luxury. It has also  encouraged human capital to empathize with underprivileged in the best possible manner – be it labours, service providers and social helpers. 

Considering the safety and security of the labourers and staff as their primitive responsibility, Hiranandani Developers is adhering to the new norms and regulation issued by the Government in the welfare of labourers. As the construction work is ongoing in the townships like Hiranandani Gardens, Powai and Hiranandani Estate, Thane the labourers are trained to follow the strict guidelines for their health and wellness under close supervision. Hence, each and every stakeholder abides by the rules and regulation to ensure the optimum self care and of the township citizens.

The Covid control measures like regular fumigation, pesticides and sanitization is practiced in a strict manner to contain the contamination. The labours are also advised not to migrate and assured to be looked after at the site labour camps. The daily routine of thermal checking and social distancing is practiced in the benefit of health care. The designated support and the security staff ensures regular screening of visitors and staff, periodical sanitization and constant health peptalk is a part of the wellness mandate.   

Labourers are trained to undertake personal hygiene care by frequent handwashing and sanitizing with these disinfectants to avoid falling prey to the pandemic crisis. They have been instructed to wear hand gloves and masks on a daily basis and keep a watch on their oxygen level before resuming duties.

The company has enabled mobile creches by Hiranandani in- house team for ensuring the safety of the children of labourers posted at the site. Education and entertainment for all the children are both being taken care of at the same time. The families of the labourers have been taken care of with adequate medical support and food availability to sustain.

Deep cleaning of the labour colonies and anti-larval treatment is also frequently carried out at all our sites to control mosquito menace. A sanitisation process with sodium hypochlorite treatment is provided to all the offices, commercial complexes, common areas and at multiple entry-exit points on regular intervals. In addition, fogging of the entire township as well as daily cleaning of the internal roads is being done and the in-house teams have been sanitising elevators and entrance lobbies three times a day.

Adequate grocery supplies, energy products like flavoured milk, chaas, lassi and A2 Milk, as well as juices and snacks, have been maintained for all workers on a regular basis. At Powai, 2500 construction workers are fed lunch and dinner everyday and in Thane, the team has coordinated with the government authorities to make provisions for the workers for meals through the Atal Aahar Yojana. Whenever any stoppages have occurred, the Hiranandani Group has catered for their food for those days. 

Hiranandani Group stood by its commitment to take care of its labourers and staff in this disruptive pandemic and have done every possible thing to keep up its promise to serve the society and communities. One has to be resilient and affirmative for the better future and stay strong to fight this human crisis. 


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